[Danhi] Documenting Our Findings, A Class Website for Parents

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I just tried editing the webpage. It is so easy. Thank you very much for the great effort.


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Hi Dave and All –

I just tested out Dave’s Edit suggestion to us and it is pretty easy to use as he said. I have added some websites and references that I thought you all may find useful.
 I have also volunteered in the class a few times in the past couple of weeks. It has been really great to get to know all of the kids a bit. Each one of them has left such a fun impression and they are all so cute! I also was able to get a better feel for
 how much Ms. Danhi needs our help. I have emailed her a list of the volunteer opportunities we have learned are taking place in some of the other kindergarten classrooms and a few new ones based on the interest of our parents (science, computers, math) and
 will work with other parents to organize a virtual sign up system like the one Dave showed us a couple of weeks ago. She was very interested in our ideas and really appreciates our help. We cannot coordinate the sign up list until we hear back from Ms. Danhi
 and learn what she thinks is needed in the classroom and what she thinks could work. Once we get it rolling, please try to volunteer a little of your time so we can help her and the kids. I work full-time myself and have made it a priority to be involved as
 the PTA have continually pushed this as what makes Sagamore work – Be More!
Thanks again Dave for putting this email and website together!
Have a great weekend everyone!!
Audrey Farquharson
PS> FYI - Ms. Danhi was making some yummy smelling apple sauce when I left there this morning and we had just logged all of the kids on to their own Mac computer!

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Haha, too funny!  Indeed, my Phoenician is rusty too.  Please forgive me! :)
This highlights again why we need each other to make 
the website work.  Now go in there and clean up my challenged prose—all of you! :)  (Hint: there's an "Edit" tab at the top of pages, and "[edit]" buttons to the right of section headings)

On 10/12/2012 11:01 AM, Sarepta Tobin wrote: 
Hi, my name is actually Sarepta. Perhaps your ancient Phoenecian is also rusty. ;)

On Oct 12, 2012 9:50 AM, "Dave Allen Barker Jr" <dave at 1.0ne.org> wrote:

Thanks, Guang.  Yes, indeed, my Chinese is a bit… rusty, hehe. ;)  Thanks for speaking up.
Before I make the correction though, I'd like to encourage you to be a pioneer of this group and
make the edit yourself!
Did my cyber-sluething show you're a 
research scientist in 
genetics?  Way cool.  Now I know you can edit our website yourself. :)

On 10/12/2012 08:54 AM, Guang Yang wrote: 

Hi, Dave, 

You did great job! It is a very efficient way to communicate. 

BTW, there is a spelling mistake of my name (I know Chinese names are hard for you). And also I would like to put my wife's name together.

So, "Paulina --  Ginang ✓ " should be "Paulina --  Guang & Haixia

Best regards,



farquharsonj at att.net

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Subject: Re: [Danhi] Documenting Our Findings, A Class Website for Parents

Thanks for putting this page together Dave!

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Subject: Re: [Danhi] Documenting Our Findings, A Class Website for Parents

Please take another look at our class webpage I've been working on.  Feedback and participation appreciated.

If there's interest, I can give some quick "howto work with the website" demonstrations, maybe before or after school in Ms. Danhi's room.

Or if it looks like a waste of time, please let me know that too! :) (Really!)

On 10/01/2012 05:19 PM, Dave Allen Barker Jr wrote: 
I think a place for us to document our findings would be a great compliment to the discussion on this mailing list, so I've set up

a wiki page (a webpage we can edit) for our class.

For example, I tried to summarize the "Growing Caterpillar Reading Tracker" we've been trying to understand.

Remember, it's a webpage that we make, and any changes can be undone, so
be bold, and edit it to your liking!

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